Eva reviews… “The Game of Lines”

Game of Lines coverThe Game Of Lines – Hervé Tullet

The publisher says: A brightly coloured graphic game that introduces little ones to the wonderful world of lines.

Eva says:  Now this one looks like just some baby book [board book] on the outside, but do NOT let that fool you! It is the most AMAZING book! It’s got pages cut in half and you flip them around and make different pictures with them. And some of them match and some of them don’t. NO! O.K. You know what it is? Is that they CAN match if you WANT them to, but they don’t HAVE to match, and that’s the fun part! the_game_of_lines-00_large

So you get some pages with squiggly lines at the top, and criss-crosses in the bottom, and you’d think that would make this all random, but it’s not. All the lines LINE UP!!

That must have been HARD! The guy who did this one MUST have had a ruler!

So this one is like a puzzle and art and book all together! So that makes it a GREAT ONE!!!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥  (out of 5)

(The Game Of Lines by Hervé Tullet, published by Phaidon. ISBN 978-0714868738)

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