“Low and behold!”

Excerpt from the novel You Don’t Think She Is by Max Harrick Shenk

Author’s Note: This excerpt is a fictitious letter from 13-year-old Margo to her best friend Brian at summer camp, writing about an incident that took place during the school year when Margo and her best friend Christy went to a boys’ basketball playoff game at Fannett-Medal High School.

As stated in the preface to the Kindle edition of the story, I must issue this WARNING:

Please note that, in this epistolary text, spelling, grammar, punctuation and other errors have not been ignored, but have, in fact, been utilized intentionally to create a literary effect.

I was going to say that “the author is not an idiot,” but I will leave such conclusions to the reader.

Low and behold 1

Low and behold 2

Low and behold 3

Low and behold 4

Low and behold 5



“My First, My Last, My Only Cigarette” by Max Harrick Shenk is available as a short story for Kindle reader. This story is an excerpt from the novel You Don’t Think She Is, available in softcover print or Kindle editions.  For more information on either of these, click on the book cover photos, or click here.

Book cover 6x9 - front - FINAL


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