Eva reviews… “The Big Book of Animals of the World”

26491008The Big Book of Animals of the World
by Ole Könnecke

The publisher says: A large format board book of animals from all over the world, illustrated with charm and humor. Each spread in this big book focuses on a continent and features animals unique to that part of the world. Simple but charming, this is a great mix of world tour and day at the zoo, with plenty of room for spontaneous storytelling.

Eva says: So you know what’s good? Is when the name of a book tells you EXACTLY what it’s about. And that’s what this one is. It SAYS it’s a big book about animals, and that’s what it IS.

And you know, it’s got thick pages like a baby book [board book] but I think that’s just so you can keep looking at it and it doesn’t wear out.

But this one’s good for babies too, because I was showing it to Mikey and I think HE liked it.

1206-BKS-KIDS1-facebookJumboAnyway, you know what? There’s all kinds of animals in here that I never even HEARD of. Big guys, little guys, and even some stuff that wasn’t even animals, like all these mushrooms and rice paddys and stuff.

And the good part is that I bet there’s separate books about all of this stuff and all of these guys. And that’d be a good way to make a library. You get one of THIS book, and then you just get books about everything that’s IN this book, and then you’d have about a hundred dozen books maybe. And then you’d have a book about everything.

I bet that’s how they make libraries.

Oh! And those MICE are on every page. So better not let SPOT see this one.

O.K. That’s all. This is a good one!

(The Big Book of Animals of the World by Ole Könnecke, published by Gecko Press. ISBN 978-1776570126)

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