Eva reviews… “Glow”

23719421Glow: Animals with their own Nightlights by W.H. Beck

The publisher says… Why be afraid of the dark when there is so much to see? Whether it’s used to hunt, hide, find a friend, or escape an enemy, bioluminescence—the ability to glow—is a unique adaptation in nature. In this fun and fascinating nonfiction picture book, join world-renowned photographers and biologists on their close encounters with the curious creatures that make their own light.

Eva says… This is a fact book about animals that glow in the dark, mostly fish and stuff in the water. There’s some AMAZING pictures in here! Like the firefly one was the BEST! I never saw so many fireflies!

But you know what was great about this one? Was that it’s a fact book, and it has the big easy words at the TOP of the page, and then the long hard words in little letters at the BOTTOM. That way you can read it fast and get SOME of the facts, or you can just take your time and go slow and get ALL the facts. It’s up to you.

So that’s a good idea.

So this is a good one.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥  (out of 5)

Glow: Animals with their own Nightlights by W.H. Beck. HMH Books For Young Readers. (ISBN13: 9780544416666)

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