Eva reviews: “Once A Mouse…”


On7962321_1_lce A Mouse… by Marcia Brown

The publisher says…
A hermit knows the magic to change a small mouse into a cat, a dog, and a majestic tiger — and Marcia Brown’s magical woodcuts bring this Indian fable to life with the mastery that won her her second Caldecott Medal.

Eva says… This one was about this hermit in the woods who saves this mouse and then keeps saving him by making him into bigger and bigger and bigger things, until he’s finally a TIGER, and he wants to EAT the hermit. But that hermit says “Go back and be a mouse!” And so that’s what the tiger does. He turns into a mouse again and runs away. And that’s the end.

Once a Mouse003I had no idea crows eat mice. I thought they just ate corn.

The drawings looked like paintings from a cave and that was really INTERESTING.

So I kind of liked this one.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of 5)

(Once A Mouse… by Marcia Brown. Published by Aladdin. ISBN 978-0689713439)

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