Eva reviews: “Bumble Bees”

0736882073Bumble Bees by Cheryl Coughlan

The publisher says… Introduces some of the physical characteristics of bumble bees that includes information on their eyes, tongue, and wings.

Eva says… O.K., so it’s springtime, and I thought it’d be a real good idea to learn some stuff about BEES, and this one looked like it was easy enough.

But it was a little TOO easy. So there’s that problem.

But then the other thing is, they don’t say ANYTHING about stinging or honey. And those seem like important facts about bees. Like how do they make honey and why do they sting? Those are the bee facts I wanna know.

But then I figured part of that out. You know why I bet there’s nothing about stinging? Because this is a real easy book, and that means it’s for real little kids, and maybe the guy who wrote it thought that if they put stuff in it about stinging, it’d be too scary and those kids would never want to go outside. And there’s pictures, too, and they’re real big, and that was a good part, but what little kid wants to see a huge picture of a huge stinger?

So that’s why for the stinging.

But I still don’t get why there’s nothing about honey.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥ (out of five)

(Bumble Bees by Cheryl Coughlan. Published by Capstone Press. ISBN 978-0736882071)

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