Eva reviews… “Raccoon On His Own”

1725932Raccoon On His Own by Jim Arnosky

The publisher says… When a baby raccoon is swept downstream in an abandoned canoe, he feels afraid. But soon he notices all kinds of things he has never seen before, and from the safety of his little boat, he begins to explore the world around him. Paralleling the exciting-and often frightening-experience of a child’s first adventure away from home, Raccoon on His Own offers little ones a glimpse of being on their own for the very first time.

Eva says… I like this guy’s books. He did that one about turkeys that was good except for not having anything about eating them in it, and also a good one about an armadillo who lost his orange and couldn’t find his house. And this one is a good one too, so he’s a good writer.

So what happens is, this baby raccoon climbs into this boat and then it starts floating away, but it wasn’t that raccoon’s fault. It was his BROTHERS. THEY went digging around in the dirt and that made the boat get loose and start floating away.

I bet that raccoon was scared when he was floating, because there were all these snakes and alligators and stuff and he had NO idea where he was going. But his family must have followed him because they met him and that means it was just an ADVENTURE.  So you know that when they got home he had a lot of stories to tell them.

But I think they need to apologize to him first.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Raccoon On His Own by Jim Arnosky. Published by Putnam Juvenile. ISBN 978-0142500712)

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