E-book: “Neville From My Notebook”

Cover 2I’ve published an e-book collection of Neville Goddard quotes and passages called Neville From My Notebook. Click here to order a copy of the book as a PDF, or click here to order it for Kindle reader from Amazon.

From the book’s introduction:

I first encountered the teachings of Neville Goddard in Spring 2015. Of all the metaphysical teachers I’d ever read, Neville seemed to “get it” in a way that others didn’t.

Neville Goddard simplified metaphysical practice into two components: what he called “the law” and “the promise.” The Law is that God, as he said, is “your own wonderful human imagination.” Therefore, all activity and reality is created by what we imagine, what we feel as real. The Promise is the awakening of Christ within man. The two components are intertwined. A person exercises the Law to prove to himself that his imagination is, indeed, God, and through that proof, he awakens Christ within himself and realizes the Promise.

When I discovered Neville’s work, I started reading transcripts of his lectures voraciously, and also bought a copy of an anthology called The Neville Reader, which gathers seven of his short works into a single volume. As I read, I copied passages that resonated into my journal. Soon, I was listening to Neville’s lectures and doing the same thing: when a statement of his really struck me, I’d pause the recording, go back, and transcribe it into my journal.

After about a year of doing this, I realized that those passages, if assembled, could constitute an introduction to Neville’s teachings. More than that, assembled in the order that I’d discovered and copied them, they seemed to form a coherent and evolutionary picture of how my understanding of Neville’s teachings, and of the Law and the Promise, deepened over the course of a year.

I realized that my evolutionary understanding might parallel the understanding that others reached about Neville’s teachings, and that a collection of the excerpts I’d transcribed could form a coherent and valuable introduction to Neville Goddard and his teachings.

That’s what Neville From My Notebook is: my gleanings from Neville’s works, transcribed and gathered over the course of a year of spiritual awakening. Except for the short article “Fundamentals” (which opens this book) and a transcription of his lecture “The First Principle” (which closes this book), I’ve presented these gleanings in the order in which I copied them into my journal the past year.

I’m hoping that this collection will prove useful to you in your awakening to yourself as the being you really are.

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