Noteworthy News and Newsworthy Notes: Epistolary Excerpts from “You Don’t Think She Is”

YDTSI - Press passOne of the ways that 13-year-old female protagonist Margo LeDoux tries to nudge her best friends Brian Pressley and Christy Kelly closer to each other in my novel You Don’t Think She Is is by goading them both into joining newspaper club in 8th grade.

Did it work? Well, that’s the story of the novel…

Character notes and other documents are woven through the narrative of You Don’t Think She Is, and the Junior High Newspaper chapters are no exception. Here are a few of the notes that Margo, Brian, and Christy passed back and forth in eighth grade, Quaker Valley Junior High School, October 1973… along with their articles from the mimeographed school paper, the Quaker Valley Junior High School News.  

For more excerpts from and information about You Don’t Think She Is, click here.

YDTSI - Note 1

YDTSI - QV Jr Hi News 1

YDTSI - QV Jr Hi News 2

YDTSI - Note 2

YDTSI - Note 3

YDTSI - Note 4

YDTSI - Note 5

YDTSI - QV Jr Hi News 3

YDTSI - Note 6

YDTSI booksYou Don’t Think She Is by Max Harrick Shenk…

“…You Don’t Think She Is
by Max Harrick Shenk reveals a brilliantly composed coming of age novel… The short chapters speak volumes about the notion of first love, the workings of puberty, and the understanding of a blossoming sexuality …(and) give the reader a keen insight into each of the character’s youthful thoughts and ideas… Shenk’s book will take any reader back in time to their emotions and explorations during middle school. It is reminder of the innocence of youth and the burgeoning feelings of desire.  –Kathy Buckert, author and English instructor

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