Eva reviews: “What’s In Fox’s Sack?”

4c05deaabb902_64590bWhat’s In Fox’s Sack? by Paul Galdone

The publisher says… Sly Fox plays on people’s curiosity about what’s in his sack to make one good trade after another — until his greed gets the better of him. “It’s partly the marvelously expressive faces that Galdone gives his characters, partly the vitality of his drawing, and partly the exuberant humor of the illustrative details that make this version of an English folktale so engaging.” — The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books IRA/CBC Children’s Choice

Eva says… You know, when I read some of these books and look at those movies on Facebook, I get the feeling that a lot of people really don’t LIKE foxes! And I don’t get that. Because they’re BEAUTIFUL with their floofy fur and plus their babies are CUTE.

But there’s that whole chicken thing that I think farmers don’t like. But farmers aren’t everyone.

whats-in-foxs-sackAnyway, there was this old book I read about this mama fox who wanted to have her babies but people kept throwing stuff at her and being mean even though it was snowy (Fox’s Garden by Princesse Cam Cam) and now there’s THIS one.

And what happens here is, this fox catches a bumblebee and puts it in his sack. And then he tells that old lady “Don’t look in my sack.” But then as soon as that fox leaves, guess what that old lady does? SHE LOOKS IN THE SACK ANYWAY! And the bee gets out and gets eaten. So the fox takes her rooster but all the way through the whole book, he just keeps saying “Dude, don’t look in my sack,” but everyone just goes right on ahead and does it anyway.

And I think that’s real ignorant.

So maybe the problem isn’t foxes, but people minding their own business. And maybe if people RESPECTED foxes, then they wouldn’t steal chickens and stuff.

And maybe everyone should THINK about that.

Eva’s rating: ♥ (out of five)

(What’s In Fox’s Sack? by Paul Galdone. Published by Clarion Books. ISBN 978-0899194912)

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