Eva reviews: “Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia”

9780060014216Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia by Herman Parish and Lynn Sweat

The publisher says… Prescription Date: A hot day in August. Symptoms: Dr. Horton’s office is full of waiting patients. The doctor is delayed. The patients’ patience is running out. Nurse Ames needs help. Treatment: Amelia Bedelia, helper par excellence, who solves all problems, even if she creates new ones along the way.

Eva says… So in this one Amelia has to go to work at the Doctor’s office. And that must be hard because they still have old school thermometers that take THREE MINUTES to tell your temperature. And of course Amelia gets all confused just like normal. It’s like she hears all the words but they just mean something ELSE to her.

img_20170127_121123And that could lead to TROUBLE but guess what? If someone got hurt, they’re already AT the doctor’s office! So that’s lucky, anyway.

And this is a real good one. You know, I really like these chapter books! They have more words than just plain picture books, and the pictures aren’t as big, but the stories are real good. Some of them are mysteries and some of them are about animals and some of them are just plain SILLY like Amelia.  And there you have it.

So this is a good one, but I already said that.

And that’s ALL.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia by Herman Parish and Lynn Sweat. Published by Scholastic. ISBN 978-0439576536)

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