Dallas Green

Dallas Green at Spring Training 1980. Inquirer Archives.

Dallas Green died today at age 82.

The highest high point of my life as a baseball fan was the 1980 World Series. Danny Ozark took the 1970s Phillies as far as he could, but after the disappointing 1979 season, Green stepped down from the front office and took them the rest of the way. Two seasons later, the core of the team was gone, as was Green. But no Phils fan will ever forget the season that culminated in Pete Rose snatching that dropped pop foul out of thin air between Bob Boone’s mitt and the AstroTurf, and, one out later, the celebration.

And to a man, the veteran players, many of whom resisted and balked at Green’s list of clubhouse rules and hardline approach to discipline, echoed Boone’s words: “We couldn’t have won it without him.”

Thanks, Skipper!

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