Eva reviews: “Toni’s Topsy-Turvy Telephone Day”

517C2G9MP3LToni’s Topsy-Turvy Telephone Day by Lori Ljungkvist

The publisher says… Toni asks her friends to bring the goodies for a pot-luck dinner party. But when her guests arrive…Ruth was supposed to bring punch, not a pooch! Kirk was supposed to bring balloons, not baboons! In fact, everyone’s brought something different, and there isn’t a speck of food in sight.

Eva says… So this girl Toni wants to have a party, but you know what? Instead of spending her money on her FRIENDS, what she OUGHT to do is buy a new PHONE!! Because NO ONE understands that girl when she talks on that thing! And I don’t think she was speaking French or some other language. It just gets ALL confusing.

I thought that the drawings in this one were kind of random at first but then Mama showed me some real paintings in some art books by these guys and their stuff was TOTALLY random!! And I guess when you do art you can do that, but in a kid’s book you have to be more careful. But I guess this girl (the author) was. Because she does stuff like take the wire from the phone and draw it on every page all the way through the book, which is real creative. And also it was funny, and no one cares HOW random you are when you make people laugh.

So this one was just right. OK?

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Toni’s Topsy-Turvy Telephone Day by Laura Ljungkvist. Published by Abrams. ISBN 978-0810944862)

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