Quaker Valley Timeline: A Chronology of my published fiction

My fiction, with its epicenter in the fictitious town of Quaker Valley, PA (“Like Gettysburg,” says one of the characters, “except nothing happened here”), features a core group of characters in a continuous timeline spanning from their childhood in the 1960s to the present day. 

These works include several novels and novellas, collected and scattered short stories, a volume of satirical book reviews, and, as an ongoing project, Facebook character pages through which the characters interact with readers and each other.

As the author, I have an overarching perspective on the entire timeline, and, of course, new ideas come to me all the time, but as a reader, you should know that these stories are not being published in “timeline order.” 

If you want to start reading them at the beginning of the timeline, here’s a chronology, with the earliest works in the storyline at the top of the list.

Titles of published works link to info pages with reviews, excerpts, ordering information, and so on, and so on, and scooby dooby doo…

cover-frontMeeting Margo (novella)  and Margo Moves In (novella)

Meeting Margo is available as a standalone e-book for Kindle. I combined it with a second prequel novella, Margo Moves In, for the print edition (available September 2017) and for a PDF ebook edition that I am selling via Selz.com. 

Cover with text 5x8What’s With Her? (short story collection)

This collection “spans the timeline.” The following six stories in What’s With Her? come at the beginning of the timeline (late 1960s into early 1970s). Stories marked with an asterisk (*) were later revised and incorporated into the novel You Don’t Think She Is :

“What’s With Her?” *
“Stupid Sissy Softball”
“A Note From The Author’s Wife”
“Six-Fifty Seven” *
“Flip!” *
“Planet of the Brians” *

You Don’t Think She Is (novel)

Book cover 6x9 - front - FINALIncludes the Kindle short story “My First, My Last, My Only Cigarette”

Meeting Dennis Wilson (novel)

All seven books - bestPublished as both seven serialized books and an omnibus edition. This incorporates two Kindle short stories:  “Peaches” (five chapters that were later revised for book five) and “Semi-Sexting” (from book three).

cover jpg“Communicate” – short story

Switch – novel (work in progress; stand by)

Cover copy - Out of sight“Out Of Sight” – Kindle short story

Interviews with a Porn Star  and Colloquium: Further Interviews with a Porn Star

INterviews coverFront cover v 5

Both of these are excerpts from a work-in-progress, that work being…

Rebecca: An Oral History of a Former Porn Star – novel (coming 2019)

Cover with text 5x8The following stories from What’s With Her?

“Standard Time”
“Anytime You Want”

An online-only novel entitled xo bri xoxo me xoxoxo love you christy

Several stories published on Literotica and other websites. I’ll leave it to you to find these!

Some “short story in email” writing appears on the blog e‑pistolary

Cover front finalEva Kelly’s  Book Of Book Reviews (children’s book reviews written in the voice of Christy’s five-year-old granddaughter)


13063411_10208438862064531_1449040591310986542_oFinally, as stated above, I’m continuing the storyline literally up to the present day by writing through the main characters on their Facebook character pages. For more information on these character pages, check out the Facebook page Welcome To Quaker Valley, PA, where I post frequent updates in the characters’ voices.

This page was created and last updated on May 26, 2017 and will be updated and revised as new works are published.

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