Uncle Max Radio Show – playlist / airdate 24 November 2022

PLAYLIST / airdate Thursday 24 November

NOTE: Many of these tracks are available digitally on multiple “albums.” If a song was recorded more than once by an artist, then I will give as much information as possible identifying the specific version/mix (example: “mono single mix”) that I played on the show, and the year of recording or release and/or the title of at least one album or record on which you can find it. Otherwise, you should assume that any recording you may find of a song in these playlists is the same version as the one I played on the show. –m

Wizzard: “Rock and Roll Winter”
(1974 single released in the UK; available on several Roy Wood-Wizzard compilation albums)

Nancy Sinatra: “Flowers in the Rain”
(1971; album: Kid Stuff)

The Move: “California Man”
(1972 single; released originally in the USA on an album entitled Split Ends, but has since appeared on numerous Roy Wood and Move compilations and as a bonus track on the Move’s album Message From The Country.)

Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra, vocal by Kay Starr: “In Each Life Some Rain Must Fall”
(Recorded in the 1940s for Decca Records, and reissued on numerous Decca-MCA-GRP-Universal collections through the years, as well as a couple compilations on smaller labels. I don’t know if he ever re-recorded this tune or not. I played it from an album entitled Drop Me Off In Harlem.)

Gene Krupa and his Orchestra, Roy Eldridge, trumpet: “After You’ve Gone”
Gene Krupa Trio: “Dark Eyes” (Charlie Ventura, saxophone)
(Both of these tracks were originally recorded for Columbia Records and have appeared on numerous Columbia-CBS-Sony-Legacy reissues. I’m not sure if Krupa ever re-recorded either of these or not.)

Beatles: “Thank You Girl”
(1963 mono single mix; on the album Mono Masters.)

George Harrison: “Blow Away”
(1979; on the album George Harrison and several Harrison solo compilations)

Jaki Byard: “Garnerin’ A Bit”
(1961; album Here’s Jaki!)

Erroll Garner: “Autumn Leaves”
(1955; on the album Concert by the Sea)

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