“Uncle Max Radio Show” is now on Archive!

Going forward, all of my new UNCLE MAX RADIO SHOWs will be available (free) for listening and download on Archive.org

Call me slow, but… ever since I started doing the show again, I’ve sought a platform where I could provide not only downloadable versions of the show, but shows that are easy to stream with an online player.

I’ve been putting them on my google drive account (which is how the station gets them: I upload the mp3 file to my drive; the engineer at the station processes them and cleans them up and then puts them in the system so that it airs at 7 on Thursdays) but wanted to find another platform without jumping through hoops or paying licensing fees. It didn’t seem like I SHOULD have to pay licensing fees– I mean, whether it’s a podcast or not, it’s derived from a weekly show on a non-commercial college station, right?

Meanwhile, as I downloaded track after track from the audio section of Archive. org, the answer was right in front of my face and I didn’t even realize it.

Going forward, I’ll be uploading my new shows onto Archive. These will be available not only as mp3, but in lossless (flac and wav) formats… AND you can also listen easily via their embedded online player.

I’ve uploaded all of the 2023 shows and am going to work backwards to download the rest of them. Hopefully I might even eventually upload some of the old two-hour WDCV shows as well.

Going forward, new mp3 versions of the current week’s show (plus the current “bonus shows”) will still be in that tinyurl.com/uncle-max-this-week folder, but I’ll also upload the shows to this Archive page, where you’ll find their streaming player and links to downloadable mp3/ flac/ wav files, rich text files of playlists, the show’s meme for you who are into that, etc.

Archive.org is FREE, although your donations to their site are appreciated. But that’s between you and them.


My uploads page on Archive: https://archive.org/details/@maxshenkwrites

An mp3 of the current week’s show is always available for download here: https://tinyurl.com/uncle-max-this-week

You can livestream the show on Thursdays at 7 am eastern time here: https://us2.internet-radio.com/proxy/wdcvfm?mp=/live

The Uncle Max Radio Show group on Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/unclemaxradioshow


…click here to become a one-time sponsor of my show (one-time sponsor shoutout on the show).

…click here to become a sustaining sponsor (monthly donation) of my show (weekly sponsor shoutout on the show).

click here if you want to sponsor my show via WDCV FM (your underwriting script will be read during my show) or sponsor another show on the station or just become a general underwriter of the station (the station will create an underwriting announcement for you which will be aired throughout their broadcasting day).

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