Walter Lanyon e-book THE LAUGHTER OF GOD

“‘To be absent from the body’ is not some fantastic experience: it is recognizing the presence (of God)… There is just God, and you are the point through which this power comes into manifestation. Once you discover this, you begin to understand why Jesus went to the Father every time he came into an area of unsolvable thought.” ~ from THE LAUGHTER OF GOD by Walter Lanyon

Next to Neville Goddard, Walter Lanyon is the most powerful mystical writer I’ve read. Lanyon delves deeply into what Neville called “the first principle:” BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM. Like Neville’s, his books are grounded in a deep understanding of scripture as both deeply personal and profoundly practical, detailing how to navigate the pitfalls of habitual thought and rely solely on I AM.

“Can you see now, you who read this page, that a thousand years being a day and a day as a thousand years, you can make the hypnotism of a thousand years old and out of your way?” ~ from THE LAUGHTER OF GOD

Unfortunately, also like Neville’s books and lectures, Lanyon’s work is widely available online, but often in less-than-authoritative editions.

In an attempt to partially rectify this, I’m making available a newly-edited PDF e-book of his 1932 work THE LAUGHTER OF GOD.

The text is culled from several different online sources, carefully edited (typos corrected, missing passages and chapters restored, etc), and is formatted for easy display and reading on most mobile devices (16×9 aspect ratio).

I am offering the beta edition of this ebook as a PDF download via my Ko-fi page. Click here for more information and the item page.

I’m hoping that this e-book of THE LAUGHTER OF GOD will be a blessing and practical guide for people who not only want to feel the first principle, but apply it in their lives. At the least, may it serve as your introduction to the work of one of the most profound Christian mystics of the past century.

“Stand and see– don’t help or assist in the Birth of the Child– ‘LET the child be born.’ The action of God is automatic, unlabored, untrammeled and instant. It is the revelation of that which IS. ‘The former things,’ created by thought, have passed away. Sunk deep in ancestor teachings and beliefs, man fights appearances instead of devitalizing them by taking away the thought which supports them. The moment thought is taken away, appearances fall into their native dust. ‘My Father worketh hitherto’– Then it is really done– ‘and I work’– or let the manifestation come through. The mechanics take care of themselves automatically; they are revealed.” ~ from THE LAUGHTER OF GOD


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