Max Harrick Shenk was born in Carlisle, PA in 1964. From as far back as he can remember, he says he enjoyed not only writing, but creating his own ‘zines and publishing his work.

Max started working on stories featuring a core set of characters in the fictional Pennsylvania town of Quaker Valley (“Like Gettysburg, except nothing happened there”) in 2001, and then attended Goddard College’s MFA program in creative writing, where he finished the novel that became You Don’t Think She Is as his master’s thesis. He earned masters degrees from Goddard in both creative writing and education.

While Max published his work in traditional formats (periodicals, books and e-books), he also experimented with drafting stories in his characters’ voices, first via email, and then later via multiple character pages on Facebook. This experimentation has manifested in multiple published titles (both print and ebook) featuring the same core group of characters in a continuous timeline spanning from the early 1960s to the present.

Max also has delved into the mystical teachings of Neville Goddard and has published two e-books of quotes pulled from Neville’s teachings.

Max currently lives in Vermont, but has his eyes on France…