“It’s always right IF it is done in love…”

Neville Goddard quote of the week, from his lecture “Apple Of His Eye.”

On this level, let me show you how we work it in the most practical manner. I don’t have to look into the pupil of your eye to get what I’m looking for. When I know what I want, I construct a scene… using you, without your knowledge, without your consent. I bring others into a scene. I may listen– eavesdrop– upon a conversation taking place which I am controlling. And I hear you discuss MY good fortune, or the good fortune of the one who I want to help. And so when I see the whole thing in my mind’s eye clearly, I know that the potency of this picture is in its implication. What is it implying? Not the words; not your face; not the handshake; not this… but it is implying something. And its creative power is in its implication. So all of a sudden I hear you say to someone else: “Have you heard the good news about..?” and I am listening carefully. And they say “Yes, I’ve heard it.” And then I listen to the conversation. I am seeing it all in my mind’s eye.

Then we understand why, in scripture, the 40th chapter of Psalms, “we think we have ears, but we do not hear.” For we only hear the outer sound. And he has bored an ear for me. And he thanks him for boring an ear. It allows him to hear these inaudible sounds… these things that only you alone can hear.

So you construct a scene implying the fulfillment of your dream, which, as you construct it, may use the medium of sound. And so you listen to the voices of those present, and you hear it, because you imagine that they are saying exactly what you want to hear. And when you hear it, the potency of that picture is what it is implying. And now wait: in the not-distant future, what it implies, you will realize. Just as God, looking into my eye, which he first had to make, that could reflect him, and the God who is doing it was my very own being. There’s only God. And so he made this form, and made it sensitive, to reflect what he looks like. And when he knows exactly what he looks like, then he can make me in his image. So the rock — his work– is perfect. …

So tonight, if you have an objective, for anyone in this world, don’t ask ANYONE if it’s possible. You want it? That’s good enough. Don’t ask the individual, save you ask this much of yourself: “Is it a loving thing? Would I want it for myself if I were in that position?” If you can answer in the affirmative– “yes” — well, then, it’s right. Whenever you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another, you are literally mediating God to that other. So don’t ask anyone if it is right. It’s always right IF it is done in love. … and in a way that I do not know, the power is in its implication. That’s the power. And it comes that way.

Apple-of-my-eye-300x208So God looked into your eye. And he saw himself: the apple of his eye. So he encircled you; he cared for you; and kept you as the apple of his eye, and brought you out of the desert, this wild wilderness, and then finally he fused with you, fell in love with his own image, and the two became one. So there will not be two Gods. Only one God. There can’t be two Gods. So in the end, you don’t lose. You simply are one WITH your father who created you. And you ARE the father.

from the lecture “Apple Of His Eye.”  Click here to listen to the complete lecture on Youtube.

For more Neville Goddard lectures and resources, visit www.freeneville.com

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